005 w/Steven Low: Big picture strength and skill development in gymnastics and bodyweight sports

MS 005 art

  • Vascularity and different recovery rates of tissue (hint: Cartilage and tendons heal the slowest)
  • How to stay ahead of any potential tendon or cartilage injuries
  • What Prilepin tables are, why certain rep ranges dictate what kind of muscle you build
  • 3 things EVERY mover/athlete needs when beginning a new sport
  • Why bodyweight can develop AMAZING levels of body awareness and relative strength (but it’s not the only thing you should be doing)
  • Structural balance in injury prevention
  • How to structure your training session
  • Why community can be critical in developing consistent training habits, and push you to the next level

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Show notes:
German hangs: http://goo.gl/bR8Kl1
Prilepin tables: http://goo.gl/H8tVVk
Rice bucket training: http://goo.gl/9l9Q99
L-sit, V sit, Manna demo: http://goo.gl/QYqp0Y
My preferred foam roller: http://goo.gl/7sArLg

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