006 w/ Dr. Andreo Spina: Force is the language of cells (they don’t speak English)

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  • Force is the language of cells (cells don’t speak English). This is true of all biological systems.
  • Why you have to look at ALL the research since the beginning of research history to look for overarching principles
  • Why a single input is not sufficient to produce physiological changes
  • Why the analogies we use to can give us a false understanding of the human body (and the world)
  • Why better movement means you are more equipped to deal with variables
  • The purpose of segmental training (building the right hardware)
  • The critical difference between your body’s ability to PRODUCE load, vs ABSORB load
  • How to mitigate injury, and why improper alignment is INEVITABLE
  • The purpose of loaded stretching
  • Why stretching is actually an ECCENTRIC muscle contraction

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