008 w/ Kit Laughlin: “The human body is the ultimate adaptation machine”

MS 008

  • The difference between children’s and adult’s bodies and what that means for your flexibility training.
  • The two different stretch receptor systems in the body and what that means for your mobility training.
  • The human body is the ultimate adaptation machine.
  • The body is motiveless in it’s adaptations.
  • Stretching is taking your body and brain to the end of the “known world”….and that’s a scary place for the body.
  • How Kit completely rebuilt his body after a mysterios virus that left him in the ICU for 10 days (and down 20 kg).
  • We live in an invisible sea of gravity…what that means for your movement.
  • Why shoes insulate us from THE most important proprioceptive feedback the body has (the feet).
  •  Stretching your neck and jaw muscles will change your mental state. Stretching your calves will not.
  • The jaw is the last opportunity for the body to resolve forces and tension that begins in the feet .
  • How to develop grace and ease in the body.

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