010 w/ Ian King: “The bench press is probably the number one exercise that has destroyed upper bodies in my lifetime”

MS 010

Who is Ian King? One of the fathers of tempo training and has probably contributed more to advances in strength training methodology and physical preparation for athletes than any other person alive today…even if he hasn’t received credit for it. He’s rained athletes for every summer and winter Olympics since 1988, and in the words of Andrew Read, “Ian King is the [Nikola] Tesla of the strength world. Rep tempo? Co-created it with Poliquin. Single-leg training? That was him, too.”

“That which is done first is done best”
– Ian King

  • Maintaining perspective in a fickle industry
  • Overreacting in the short term, underreacting in the long term
  • Why strength is overrated
  • Why most strength training programs do more harm than good
  • “Flexibility and mobility is the #1 most important physical quality for EVERYONE, for LIFE (but strength is probably second). Because without those two you don’t move.”
  • “If you’re only strength training and aren’t doing any stretching, you’re damaging yourself and shortening your connective tissue. Your joints and tendons will degenerate over time.”
  • Why every strength session should also include a mobility/flexibility session
  • Why rep ranges decrease as training age increases
  • Most decisions are made emotionally and justified rationally….and how this could be negatively impacting your training
  • The real purpose of tempo training
  • How to exploit and negate the stretch-shortening cycle, and why it’s essential to understand

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