[PODCAST] A Pro Acrobat Gives His Cheat Code for Jaw-Dropping Movement Flow

Lewie West podcast

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If you’re not familiar with Lewie West, WATCH THIS VIDEO FIRST. It will  blow your mind: http://bit.ly/Floor-gasm

  • Lewie’s background and foundation
  • His early obsession that led to his interest in circus
  • A day in the life of circus school
  • Lewie’s creative process
  • “Cross-pollination” of movement skills
  • Developing creative movement
  • Meta-learning – learning how to learn
  • Developing the grammar of movement
  • Vertical vs. lateral skill development
  • Building your creativity muscle
  • The “cheat code” to moving better
  • How Lewie would develop a new movement skillset from scratch
  • Why body awareness is key to longevity
  • Listening to your body – why it’s an essential self-preservation strategy
  • When to push your limit, and when to back off
  • Lewie’s advice to you about your movement practice
  • AND MORE! Don’t miss this Move Smart Podcast with Lewie West!

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