021 w/ Daniel Coyle: How To Develop World-Class Skills in Anything

MS 021



Memorable Quotes by Daniel:

“Practice makes myelin, and myelin makes perfect.”

“Progress happens on the edge of your ability.”

“Struggle is a non-optional neurological requirement for skill.”

“Skill is contagious.”

“Luxury is a motivational narcotic.”

 “Strive to be your own coach.”

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Quick reference guide:

1:45 – Meet Daniel Coyle
3:17 – The biological secret to skill (what is myelination?)
5:32 – What they found in Einstein’s brain that was the key to his genius
6:50 – Developing skills as an adult (and why mindset is key)
8:25 – Why a formal, organized approach may not always be best to learning new skills
9:37 – “Filling your windshield” and social learning
10:03 – How to accelerate your learning as an adult
10:55 – How to improve your learning speed 10x (and why you should never ignore your mistakes)
15:15  – Why struggle is a non-optional neurological requirement for skill
17:39 –  How to know if you’re struggling too much (or not enough)
19:58 – How Daniel applies these principles in his own life (and with his kids)
22:15 – Why talent hotbeds are not evenly distributed throughout geography and time
25:15 – Why Chinese Olympic divers train with their junior athletes
26:32 – How to create conditions for success
28:32 – Why your practice space shouldn’t be luxurious
32:21 – Why experts practice (and talk about practice) differently than novices
33:54 – “Chunking” and why you have to break down skills to individual atoms
38:19 – Why you need to perfect the “simple” chunks
39:31 – The 4 virtues that make a great coach
43:31 – Hard skills vs soft skills and why self-taught gymnasts and violinists are rare
47:07 –  Daniel’s book recommendation and advice to you

Mentioned in the podcast:

10 Surprising Truths from the World’s Most Successful Talent Hotbed: http://bit.ly/ZtJ9ZL

24 Rules for Becoming an Adult Prodigy: http://bit.ly/1w80T80

How We Learn: The Surprising Truth About When, Where, and Why It Happens: http://amzn.to/1veiq00

Daniel Coyle’s amazing golf ball skills: http://bit.ly/1vw9THp

Story about Kobe Bryant’s relentless work ethic: http://bit.ly/1Cngy5p

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