023 w/ Kelly Starrett: The DIY Manual for Injury Prevention

MS 023

downloadMemorable Quotes by Kelly:

“All humans should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves”

“Don’t be a modern human…you have to MOVE”

“We are wired for MOVEMENT. The modern [human] brain is bootstrapped on top of the movement brain”

“You’ve got to be responsible for all the tissues from your head to your feet.”

“Unless It’s traumatic or pathological, it’s preventable.”

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Quick Reference Guide:

3:23 – Why being an injured pro athlete helped drive Kelly to be  a great PT
5:57 – Kelly’s struggle to reconcile his life as a physio with high level sports training
7:25 – Why strength training can reach a point of diminishing returns
9:34 – Defining “good mechanics” and how you can apply them to your movement
16:16 – Why 80% of runners get injured in a year
19:21 – How to build good movement mechanics from a young age
21:03 – Why Kelly bought standup desks for his daughter’s ENTIRE classroom
27:19 – Why your non exercise movement determines the patterns for ALL your movement
31:27 – Why all humans must be taught proper movement skills
36:33 – Why modeling behavior is the same as coaching…and why you need to beware of your movement models
40:11 – How to find and resolve the movement issues YOU need to be working on
42:07 – Unless your issue is traumatic or pathological, it’s preventable
50:24 – Kelly’s practical tips for you
54:23 –  The tools you need in your personal mobility toolbox (and the free household versions you already have)
56:18 – The great stuff Kelly has going on over the next few months

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