029 w/ Dr. Eric Cobb: A brain-based approach to training and movement

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In Episode 29 of the Move Smart Podcast, I chat with Dr. Eric Cobb of Z Health Performance about why you need a brain-based approach to training and movement.

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Email: info@zhealth.net

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2:06 – Meet Dr. Cobb, creator and co-founder of Z Health.
3:12 – The foundational ideas and principles behind Z Health (Hint: it’s cutting edge neurophysiology)
5:36 – Why your brain determines everything about who you are
8:17 – The three major sub-systems of the body that most people never consider in their training
10:34 – Warming up y our proprioception, balance, and vision for maximum results in your training session
13:37 – How to approach your training if you’re in pain or injured
17:07 – What you need to understand about the interaction between pain and stress
19:49 – Reduce pain through proper breathing
21:59 – Why you need to avoid the “pain face” in your movement and training
25:29 – Why one of the keys to getting rid of pain is to be strong
28:22 – Why you need to strengthen and mobilize the jaw, neck, and tongue
35:13 – Movement as a drug; we need right types and dosages
42:51 – The core ideas and curricula of Z Health
46:46 – How one Z Health coach transformed his athletes coached at the World Cup
51:28 – Useful tools to retrain your brain and get out of pain
54:42 – Two essential tips for increasing performance
56:51 – How to connect with Z Health and learn more

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