030 w/ David Epstein: The Sports Gene and the Myth of the 10,000 Hour Rule

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In Episode 30 of the Move Smart Podcast, I chat with David Epstein, author of The Sports Gene, about the shocking truths (and myths) surrounding world-class performance.

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2:02 – Meet David Epstein
3:20 – Digging into the counter-intuitive truth about world-class athletic performance
4:29 – The three driving factors behind modern athletic feats
8:38 – The myth of the 10,000 hour rule
11:59 – The HUGE problem with early specialization in sports
17:50 – The genetic component of high level athletic performance
21:20 – Why cookie cutter training programs (and diets) never work for everyone
24:11 – ‘The Matthew Effect’ and athletic performance
28:15 – The surprising line between genetics and learned expertise
36:44 – Are your genes your destiny when it comes to high performance?
39:12 – Why you MUST experiment to find the best training for yourself
41:11 – Finding the ideal level of effort for rapidly improvement
43:20 – Optimizing your environment for motivation and success
50:24 – David’s advice to you for maximizing your performance

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