About Me

When I was 14, my cousin came out to Colorado for the summer. He was a state champion wrestler and we began weight training together while he was in town. I got hooked and never really stopped. For all four years of high school I lifted weights using a fairly traditional bodybuilding approach with my own special blend of ignorance and naiveté. I made progress, but knew very little. We all have to start somewhere, huh? In college, I began migrating toward powerlifting, and eventually Crossfit. I found myself getting fairly strong in some ways, but sensed a lot of fundamental weak links and a lack of mobility.

Throughout this time I dabbled in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, parkour, snowboarding, footbag, climbing, and mountaineering but weight training was always my priority. I slowly began using more bodyweight training and incorporated more mobility work into my training. After graduating college, I went and worked on a boat up in Alaska and had virtually no equipment available to me, except a canopy on the aft deck that served as a pullup bar. I had to be very creative with my training. It was during this time that I discovered the work of Ido Portal, Charles Poliquin, Erwan Le Corre, Christopher Sommers, Steve Atlas, Paul Chek, and others. My perspective was completely transformed. I joined an adult gymnastics gym in Denver and took their teacher training program. I was reading and studying like crazy, learning everything I could about nutrition, performance, recovery, and more. I feel like I’ve come so far, yet my journey has just begun. I hope you’ll join me.

My continuing education includes:

– B.A. in Communication Studies from Colorado State University
– Z Health Essentials of Elite Performance (3 days)
– P.I.C.P. Level 1
– P.I.C.P. Level 2
– Biosignature Modulation 1
– MovNat Level 1
– MovNat Level 2
– MovNat Level 3
– Adult Gymnastics Level 1
– Crossfit Level 1
– Precision Nutrition Level 1
– Ido Portal Movement-X (2 days)
– Ido Portal Private Internship (5 days)
– Ido Portal Movement Camp 2013 (7 days)
– I.S.S.A. CFT
– Thousands of hours of personal reading, research, practice, and teaching.

Questions, comments, concerns, problems, or ideas?

Email me at justin@wellroundedathlete.net