How a REAL Human WITH A LIFE Can Adjust Their Training Program for Optimal Gains


how to adjust training for optimal gains

Hiring the best coach in the world to write the “perfect” training program is NOT the key to optimizing your skills and performance.

No matter what program you follow, you need to know how to adjust the parameters for MAXIMAL effect.

In this short audio clip, you’ll learn the FIRST thing you should adjust in your workout when you’re fatigued – and I don’t mean mildly sleepy here, I mean your NERVOUS SYSTEM is fatigued.

How well you know yourself, how well you can adapt to outside influences and stresses, and how well you manage your recovery is ESSENTIAL to optimize gains and longevity of both mind and body.

These are the same techniques world-class coaches and athletes use to adjust their training programs to maximize their own training and performance. Enjoy