Remember That Badass Bodybuilder Acrobat? His Name is Jujimufu and He’ll Teach You How to Be Epic [PODCAST]


  In Episode 39 of the Move Smart Podcast, I talk with Jujimufu about TONS of great topics including: ➤ How Jujimufu got his nickname ➤ The nitty-gritty backstory of how Juji achieved his impressive chair a bodyweight of 230! ➤ Tactics to cultivate INTENSITY in your training ➤ The story of when Juji sat in front of his squat rack for 4 hours….just to get … [Read more...]

How to Get 10x More Nutrition from Your Food


In Episode 38 of the Move Smart Podcast, I talk about the highlights from Jo Robinson's bestselling book Eating on the Wild Side: The Missing Link to Optimum Health ➤  Why (and how) most domesticated fruits and vegetables are lacking nutrition ➤  How to select, prepare, and store your fruits and vegetables to improve nutrition (by up to 4,000%!) ➤  The low tech solution to … [Read more...]

The Art of Juggling (with Bob and Trish Evans) – BYP 020


In Episode 20 of Build Your Practice, I chat with Bob and Trish Evans about: ➤  How elite college athletes made the transition into circus arts ➤  The athlete versus artist dichotomy ➤  How Rob and Trish broke the Guiness World Record for “joggling” ➤  Managing nagging injuries while still training frequently ➤  How to create habits and environments that foster movement ➤ … [Read more...]

New Movement = New Results (with Dawnelle Arthur) – BYP 019


In Episode 19 of Build Your Practice, I chat with Dawnelle Arthur about: ➤  Dawnelle’s winding journey into the world of movement ➤  How Dawnelle put yoga on the map in Alaska ➤  Combining movement disciplines ➤  Lessons from 23 years as a teacher ➤  Why every BODY has a story and requires unique adjustments ➤  How Dawnelle managed her unusual “injuries” and came back … [Read more...]