Move Heroically (with Jonathan Mead) – BYP 018


In Episode 18 of Build Your Practice, I chat with Jonathan Mead about: ➤  How Jonathan is building his movement practice ➤  Why movement should be integrated into everything you do ➤  Transforming your living space to promote more movement ➤  Why Jonathan regrets not getting a coach sooner ➤  How to create and discover your movement community ➤  How to get into the right … [Read more...]

Just Move (with Samantha Star) – BYP 017

BYP017 rev1

In Episode 17 of Build Your Practice, I chat with Samantha Star about: ➤ How Sam’s childhood gave her a love for movement ➤ Discovering pole and breaking into teaching ➤ Balancing a personal movement practice with teaching others ➤ The power of playing/moving in a group setting ➤ Why range of motion and flexibility are probably your weak links ➤ Why becoming obsessed with … [Read more...]

Philip Chubb: The Mindful Mover – BYP 016

In Episode 16 of Build Your Practice, I chat with Philip Chubb about: ➤ MMA and breakdancing - Philip’s journey into movement ➤ Philip’s #1 inspiring quote ➤ Why you MUST individualize your training ➤ Addressing brain health to optimize training progress ➤ How to avoid being a “stupid mover” ➤ How to prioritize your movement practice ➤ Philip’s biggest struggle when it … [Read more...]

Matthew Ibrahim: Mobility 101 – BYP 015


In Episode 15 of Build Your Practice, I chat with Matthew Ibrahim about: ➤ Why everyone has an “inner athlete” ➤ Why you MUST master the basics ➤ Foundational human movement patterns ➤ Why going to the gym is not enough ➤ Cultivating your body intuition ➤ Why you shouldn’t train like you’re competing ➤ Constructing a mindset that matches your bodyset ➤ If you want a … [Read more...]