Big Gains In 4 Weeks [Student Results]

Question: What are the BIGGEST things you can do for your development in any area?

Answer: Define your main 2-3 goals, WRITE THEM DOWN, have a coach to keep you accountable and show you the path.

christian testimonial
Christian W.

Here’s what Christian had to say about working with me:

“Bringing Justin on as a coach is the best decision I’ve made for my training and movement. My “program” before this phase was not focused, not specific, and not effective.
With Justin my training has been focused, specific to my goals, and rewarding.
I’ve gotten stronger, recovered from a shoulder injury, improved my mobility, and my handstand is much less rubbish than it was four weeks ago.
I’m looking forward to my next phase of training!”

But the results speak for themselves:

Christian progress2

Remember: This was his progress after only 4 weeks. 

I’m a firm believe that progress requires accountability and guidance. How much time have you wasted because you haven’t had a teacher? It doesn’t have to be me, but you need to find a good one ASAP.

It’s time to start building your practice.

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