You Can’t Afford To Be Sick Or Injured…Here’s Why:

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My motto: Be healthy to be strong. Be strong to be useful. Live long to maximize your usefulness. In this video I expound upon that idea and share my perspective on why you HAVE to prevent injury and sickness as best you can, within the confines of reality. That doesn't mean don't take risks or live just means making yourself as hardy as possible through good … [Read more...]

Kyle Maynard: The Power of Failure

kyle maynard

Kyle Maynard was born without arms of legs, but in spite of impossible odds he still lives a relatively normal life. He can dress himself, drive, feed himself, shave, use a computer, and even wrestled in highschool (and does Crossfit!)...You have to watch this. I guarantee you will be inspired and humbled by this great man. This first video is an interview with him: … [Read more...]