Conscious Movement When You’re Not in the Gym


By Matthew Ibrahim How conscious are you of your movement when you’re not in the gym setting? This is a question you need to ask yourself. Consider all of those cranky joints, nagging injuries and unwanted bodily soreness – anything that has disrupted your joy of lifting weights, running and exercising in the gym. Don’t you wish there were a way to combat all of … [Read more...]

3 Things I Learned About the Human Body From Being (Nearly) Cross-eyed


So, I’m not sure if you know but I’m nearly crosseyed. But I don’t think the optometrists in the small town where I grew up knew how bad it was, or what to do about it. Fast forward to college and my eyesight was getting worse (likely from all the close work and lack of good movement nutrition for the eyes). It was getting increasingly harder to keep a single, fused … [Read more...]

Smart Legs (Footbag and Plyometrics)

footbag final

Footbag. A potent cocktail of agility, rhythm, coordination, timing, sequence, and conditioning. It requires highly developed reflexes, body awareness, object awareness, and has unlimited improvisation potential at the highest levels. Footbag is a fragile dance that can be disrupted at any moment by the slightest misstep or error. What I’m demonstrating in this video is … [Read more...]

Movement is Freedom (A Powerful Framework for Better Movement)

movement is freedom

[Total read time: 1-2 minutes] So you want to move well? You want to reap the massive epigenetic benefits of movement? These include, but are not limited to: Looking better Feeling better Moving better [insert 10,000 scientific references, the collective anecdotal wisdom of humanity, and the wisdom of the body that cannot be put into words]) The trouble is, we’ve … [Read more...]

You’re Only As Young As Your Youngest Joint

youngest joint

Ancient Chinese cultures knew the importance of mobility. They even had a proverb about it: “You are only as young as your spine.” I’m going to take that even further and say, “you are only as YOUNG as your youngest joint.” For example, if you have a big toe that can’t go into full flexion, you’re going to have a hell of a time even walking properly.  As your physical … [Read more...]