Build Your Warmup TOOLBOX (There is no perfect warmup)

build your warmup toolbox

There is no perfect tool. There is no PERFECT workout, and there sure as hell is no perfect warmup. But there is a HUGE difference between an effective warmup and an ineffective one. And that depends on what your training and movement will look like for that session. So instead of using the same warmup every time, build a warmup TOOLBOX to you can choose the right warmup … [Read more...]

What is Fitness? (“Fitness” VS. Movement Intelligence)

what is fitness

There’s a quote by Z. Wazny that I love: “Coordination is a motor expression of intellect.” In other words, if you can move how you’re intending to move, it’s an expression of your physical intellect. Physical intellect almost sounds paradoxical....intellect is only something you can have with your mind, right?! Hardly. How well you move, and how coordinated you are is a … [Read more...]

4 Essential Posture Exercises to Improve Spinal Health and Give You Confidence (in Two Minutes)

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Little-known fact: Humans were never meant to sit. That’s right. And we sure-as-hell were never meant to spend extended periods of time sitting in desks, office chairs, cars, or otherwise. Forbes Magazine even published an article on why sitting increases your risk of dying sooner. Here are the four most fundamental human positions in order of importance: moving, lying … [Read more...]

10 Tips to Maximize Strength and Flexibility (How to Avoid Training Like a Baby Giraffe with Parkinson’s)

baby giraffe

I firmly believe that all people need to train strength and mobility. If you’re older than ten, but younger than dead, regular strength and mobility training should be part of your routine three to five times per week. The only exception is if you have a job or hobby that provides vigorous and regular movement for the whole body. Sorry, keyboard warriors, typing does not … [Read more...]