How to Get 10x More Nutrition from Your Food


In Episode 38 of the Move Smart Podcast, I talk about the highlights from Jo Robinson's bestselling book Eating on the Wild Side: The Missing Link to Optimum Health ➤  Why (and how) most domesticated fruits and vegetables are lacking nutrition ➤  How to select, prepare, and store your fruits and vegetables to improve nutrition (by up to 4,000%!) ➤  The low tech solution to … [Read more...]

036 w/ Paul Chek: Avoid health advice from sick doctors

paul chek1

  In Episode 36 of the Move Smart Podcast, I chat with Paul Chek about why it's not smart to take health advice from sick doctors...and MUCH more! Connect with Paul: Buy How To Eat, Move, and Be Healthy on Amazon: ↠ ↞ Set up a FREE 15 minute consult with Justin (schedule it … [Read more...]