Movement is Freedom (A Powerful Framework for Better Movement)

movement is freedom

[Total read time: 1-2 minutes] So you want to move well? You want to reap the massive epigenetic benefits of movement? These include, but are not limited to: Looking better Feeling better Moving better [insert 10,000 scientific references, the collective anecdotal wisdom of humanity, and the wisdom of the body that cannot be put into words]) The trouble is, we’ve … [Read more...]

Apply This ANCIENT Chinese Principle To Boost Your Performance

ancient chinese principle

The concept of yin and yang is a POWERFUL framework that can transform your life to enhance your wellness and performance. So in this post I’ll be talking briefly about one small (but powerful) example of applying these principles to Training  and Performance. But first you have to understand: Yin and yang are COMPLEMENTARY, not oppositional. As a result, the whole is … [Read more...]

Role of Intuition in Strength Training

logic vs intuition1

The idea that intuition should play a role in strength training (or any kind of training) is VERY foreign to most people. It's like asking them to wipe their ass with their left hand. Most people have no idea how to do it. But today I'm going to give you some guidelines (about intuition, not left handed ass wiping). The famous German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche put … [Read more...]

What is Fitness? (“Fitness” VS. Movement Intelligence)

what is fitness

There’s a quote by Z. Wazny that I love: “Coordination is a motor expression of intellect.” In other words, if you can move how you’re intending to move, it’s an expression of your physical intellect. Physical intellect almost sounds paradoxical....intellect is only something you can have with your mind, right?! Hardly. How well you move, and how coordinated you are is a … [Read more...]