DIY: $2 Adjustable Straps for Gymnastics Rings


The final product: Easily adjustable gymnastics rings straps for under $2: Materials: Scissors – to cut webbing and rope Lighter – to burn ends and prevent fraying 10-15 ft of 1 inch tubular webbing 36 inches of rope (I recommend 4 to 6 mm in thickness) Carabiner - only needed if you want to learn how to hang your rings really high (15+ feet) Note:  You want … [Read more...]

Some updates!


LOTS of exciting stuff has been happening lately: First, I’ll be releasing a bonus podcast episode tomorrow (7/24) with professional climber Sierra Blair-Coyle. It’s a shorter episode, but you’ll get some insight into the lifestyle, mindset and training habits of a young pro climber. Second, if you filled out the feedback form for the podcast, I am extremely grateful! (By … [Read more...]

How to Change Your Genetics

how to change your genetics

Everything you DO, FEEL, or EXPERIENCE has the power to modify your epigenetics and transform your mind and body in ways you maybe didn't realize were possible. This means your thoughts and feelings influence your BODY (and visa versa). This also means that the quality of air, water, and food you ingest is ESSENTIAL to controlling your epigenetic expression. This video … [Read more...]

Build Strength in CONNECTIVE TISSUE (Not just muscles)

build strength in connective tissue

Most people just think about their muscles when training...but muscles adapt much quicker and easier than the other tissues of the body. In fact, muscle is probably the FASTEST tissue to adapt. So if you're only concerned about how strong your muscles are, and have no regard for the strength of your CONNECTIVE TISSUE, you immediately put yourself at greater risk of … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home (Do You Have SBS?)


Ever heard of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), or Building Related Illness (BRI)? I hadn’t either until recently. The Environmental Protection Agency knows about it, and there’s a lot of scary research out there pointing to the detrimental effects of spending so much time in toxic buildings. They've even released a guide to help you improve indoor air quality. Did you know … [Read more...]