DIY: $2 Adjustable Straps for Gymnastics Rings

The final product: Easily adjustable gymnastics rings straps for under $2:

titled finished


  1. Scissors – to cut webbing and rope
  2. Lighter – to burn ends and prevent fraying
  3. 10-15 ft of 1 inch tubular webbing
  4. 36 inches of rope (I recommend 4 to 6 mm in thickness)
  5. Carabiner – only needed if you want to learn how to hang your rings really high (15+ feet)

Note:  You want to purchase the rope and webbing from your local climbing supply store. It should all be rated for climbing, which means even a small 4mm rope will hold 700+ pounds of weight.

Knots to know:

  1. Double Fisherman’s Knot (Example, Detailed How- To)

  2. Overhand knot on a bight (Example, Detailed How- To)

  3. Prusik Knot (Example, Detailed How- To)

  4. Timber Hitch (Example, Detailed How- To)

Short Version:

Step 1: Tie the ends of the 36 inch rope together using the double fisherman’s knot. This is your loop for making the prusik knot.

Step 2: Tie an overhand knot on a bight on one end of the webbing

Step 3: Using a Prusik knot, attach the loop you just made to the end of the webbing with the overhand knot. The Prusik should be tied ABOVE the overhand knot.

Step 4: Throw the web over a beam, branch, or anything you want to hang from. With the opposite end of the webbing, tie a timber hitch onto the end of your prusik knot.

Here’s a video of me hanging the strap from a tree branch:

If you need a detailed How To Guide, here’s one for each knot:

  1. Prusik Knot
  2. Overhand Knot on a Bight
  3. Double Fisherman’s Knot
  4. Timber Hitch

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