Eating Is A Conversation; Don’t Be an A**hole

yelling picI’m finishing up a fantastic book called Ultraprevention.

I’ll probably post a summary of it in the next week or so, but I really encourage everyone to read it. It’s one of the most intelligent, researched, and thorough discussions of long term health and preventive functional medicine that I’ve ever found. Their research is accurate and at the cutting edge of medical research.

What I’m here to talk about today was indirectly inspired by their book: the idea that we are in constant communication with our bodies.

Everything you put in or on your body directly communicates with your cells. Literally everything.

Every time you drink a soda, puff on a cigarette, or get drunk, you are being an abusive prick.

Every time you get a good night sleep, drink plenty of water, and get quality exercise you are being the best BFF your body could ask for.

Food is communication. Eating is a conversation with your body.

And the same rules of conversation apply: don’t be an asshole.

– Don’t spend too much time talking.
– Be a good listener.
– Don’t be abusive.
– Don’t be disrespectful.
– Don’t be selfish.
– Don’t ignore the cues being given.
– Don’t force things.
– Don’t interrupt.
– Don’t make assumptions.
– Be kind.

You get the idea.

But the communication with your body doesn’t end with the food you eat. It also extends to the things you drink, the social interactions you have, the physical intimacy in your life (or lack thereof), your bodily postures, the way you breathe, movement and exercise habits, sleeping patterns, sounds, smells, sights, thoughts, environment, and more and more.

Everything that you do or experience directly influences your physiology.

You think your dirty cluttered apartment doesn’t have an influence on your mental health? Think again.

You think sitting down in front of a screen for 8+ hours a day isn’t harming your musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, visual, and hormonal health? Think again.

You think your incessant job stress and chronically elevated cortisol isn’t wreaking havoc on your body composition, blood sugar management, and all throughout your brain? Think again.

Everything you do or experience is a part of a constant conversation you are having with your body. Over time, the relationship you create establishes trust and rapport, or distrust and resentment. If you’re communicating poorly, this manifests as disease, lack of fitness, poor body composition, rapid aging, and more.

If you’re communicating well, this manifests as health, longevity, happiness, and fitness. Today is the day to start steering that conversation in a better direction. Break the bad habit loop, and start communicating with your body with the respect it deserves.

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