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Recovery is the weak link in most people’s training. It’s easy to train with intensity, but it’s probably more work to recovery with intensity. Most people don’t know how to approach their recovery, and don’t understand that rest and recovery is hard work (if you do it right).

That’s why I’ve written the Wellrounded Athlete Ultimate Recovery Protocol.

In this ebook, you’ll learn the five step protocol I use to maximize my recovery from each training session. All the steps are backed by scientific research (and great results from myself and my students) and you’ll learn some amazing stuff.

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  • Did you know the ayurvedic herb Ashwagandha can improve speed, and muscular strength in the legs and increase  neuromuscular coordination?
  • Why turmeric is an essential herb for athletes and movers…and it’s more than its powerful anti-inflammatory properties
  • Why you should NOT rely on NSAIDs to manage your muscle soreness
  • 8 essential adaptogens and antioxidants I use daily to maximize my recovery
  • The critical nutrient that 75% people are deficient in and why that matters for performance
  • Why black pepper is critical to use in your post-workout nutrition
  • AND MUCH MORE! [/su_box]

Ultimate Recovery Protocol.PDF

ultimate recovery protocol


The Movement Manifesto

I spent $13,574.36 learning the lessons in the Movement Manifesto (not to mention, thousands of hours of reading, training, research, practice, and teaching) – but I’m sharing them with you for free. 

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Movement Manifesto.PDF

The Movement Manifesto is a collection of 75 training principles for movers, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts of any age. It’s the ideas that guide my approach to movement. It doesn’t have many concrete, practical tips per se, but the principles inside may completely transform your perspective on movement.

The purpose of the manifesto is an attempt to compile some sort of useful document to inspire, educate, and spread movement wisdom. It doesn’t matter what sport you play, what martial art you practice, or how you move. If you have an obsession with movement, or want to learn more about what guides some of the best movers in the world, this manifesto is for you.

What you’ll read in this manifesto is simply the wisdom I’ve accumulated during my many years moving and learning from some amazing people.