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    The 5 recovery steps I use on myself and with all my athlete when I really need to MAXIMIZE recovery. Gym tested and research supported by over 40 academic studies. (10 page ebook)
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    Because if your Facebook feed is like mine, you see lots of random crap that sucks you into the rabbit hole of distraction. If I have your email, we can interact directly…no cat pictures need be involved.
  4. World-Class Tips: 
    I bring in world class people for my podcast and do world class research. This means you’re going to get world-class tips, info, and advice.
  5. Applied Research:
    Success is the marriage of theory and practice. Too much practice without reflection (theory) and you’ll hit a roadblock. Too much theory without practice? You won’t gain the experience necessary to do anything useful in the real world. I do my best to walk this line. Rigorously research, aggressively apply.
  6. Cutting-Edge Strength Techniques:
    Men’s Health, and other awful advice magazines, shallow blog posts, and fragmented bits of  forum knowledge don’t cut it when the rubber meets the road. See #4. You need a focused, effective, and holistic approach. That’s what I’ll always strive to provide.
  7. Nutrition and Lifestyle Protocol:
    Because so much of the success you have IN the gym comes from your choices and habits OUTSIDE the gym.
  8. Advanced Mobility Drills:
    If I had a penny for every misconception people had about stretching and mobility I’d be rich. Let’s make sure you’re not one of them.
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    I’m always looking for amazing people to bring on the podcast. I rely on you to help me continue to bring in world-class folks.
  10. Ask Me Questions: 
    We can have a direct line of communication with each other. If you have any questions or suggestions, I always love to hear them.
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  12. Insider access to my reading list, and the resources that have shaped my journey: 
    Who you are right this second is a culmination of three things: the people you’ve met, experiences you’ve had, and the things you’ve learned. Books are CRITICAL for my learning, and they should be for yours too. If you sign up for this list, you’ll get insider access to the list of books I’ve read that have shaped my development as a human and a mover.