Full List of Episodes

MS 016

017 w/ Ryan Ford: “Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain”

MS 016

016 w/ Greg O’Gallagher: “Track your progress.”

MS 015

015 w/ Jim Bathurst: “People got strong without the internet”

MS 014

014 w/ Nate Miyaki: “Find what works in the real world”

MS 013

013 w/ Lewie West: “Never waste an injury”

MS 012

012 w/ Ryan Hurst “Build strength with purpose”

MS 011

011 w/ Carl Paoli: “Move like you care”

MS 010

010 w/ Ian King: “The bench press is probably the number one exercise that has destroyed upper bodies in my lifetime”

MS 009 art

009 w/ Sierra Blair-Coyle: Tips and lessons from a pro climber

MS 008

008 w/ Kit Laughlin: “The human body is the ultimate adaptation machine”

MS 007

007 w/ Frank Forencich: “There’s no legends about people on treadmills”

MS 006 art

006 w/ Dr. Andreo Spina: Force is the language of cells (they don’t speak English)

MS 005 art

005 w/Steven Low: Big picture strength and skill development in gymnastics and bodyweight sports

MS 004 w

004: w/ Dr. Rick Rosa: All things training, recovery, and optimal performance

MS 003 art

003: w/ Todd Hargrove Learning New Skills, Body Maps, How to Treat Your Nervous System, Posture, Movement, and more!

MS 002 art

002: SAID Principle, Dallas Bed Rest Study, and How To Speak the Language of Cells

MS 001 art

001: 4 Pillars of Health, the Mover’s Conundrum, Building Your Own Movement Practice, AND MORE