How to Get 10x More Nutrition from Your Food

2TESTlisten in itunesIn Episode 38 of the Move Smart Podcast, I talk about the highlights from Jo Robinson’s bestselling book Eating on the Wild Side: The Missing Link to Optimum Health

➤  Why (and how) most domesticated fruits and vegetables are lacking nutrition
➤  How to select, prepare, and store your fruits and vegetables to improve nutrition (by up to 4,000%!)
➤  The low tech solution to optimal vegetable storage
➤  Why the skins of many plants contain the highest amounts of antioxidants
➤  Why the color indicates the nutrient density of most plants
➤  The three forces that destroy the antioxidants in your food
➤  The cooking method you should absolutely NOT use if you want to maximize nutrition
➤  How to 10x the beta-carotene in carrots and why baby carrots are garbage
➤  Why you MUST wait at least 10 minutes after chopping to heat garlic
➤  And MUCH more!

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