How to Get Your Blood Tested (It’s Really Simple)

how to get your blood testedBlood testing. It’s not perfect. It’s essentially just a “snapshot” of your blood at the exact moment you get it drawn, but it’s probably one of the best possible preventive and diagnostic health measures you can take. Yet, only a very small minority of the “healthy” population will get a blood panel done proactively.

If you have any interest in optimizing your wellness and performance, (and doing so intelligently) you HAVE to get your blood tested with some regularity. Without testing, you’re shooting in the dark.

Blood tests can spot potential health problems like diabetes and heart disease coming from YEARS away, and can literally save and extend (quality) life if you modify your nutrition and lifestyle based on what you find.

Blood testing still isn’t as cheap as it could (or should be), but it’s still a no-brainer. I suggest spending as much as your budget comfortably allows every 6-12 months – which will be anywhere from $200-$1000+.

This post isn’t going to tell you what all of the different tests mean. I’m just going to tell you HOW to get your blood tested, and what tests to get if you go through DirectLabs and LabCorp.

And it’s SILLY how easy it is.

I used They have their testing done at a LabCorp lab (one of the largest clinical laboratory networks in the world) so you’re almost certain to find one within reasonable driving distance if you live in a small to middle sized town in North America.

Here in Denver, there’s three labs within 15 minutes.

Here’s How Simple It Is:

  1. Choose the tests you want through DirectLabs and add them to your cart
  2. Set up your account with them and pay for tests
  3. Go to to find a lab and schedule an appointment
  4. Print out your requisition form and bring it with you to the lab
  5. Go to the lab to get your blood drawn (takes 5 minutes)
  6. Wait to receive your results ONLINE in 24-48 hours (in your DirectLabs account interface)

It probably took me 30 minutes (or less) to buy my tests, set up my account, and schedule my appointment. And I was literally IN and OUT of the hospital IN 10 MINUTES. It was amazing and shocking. I’ve never had a hospital experience that positive and efficient.

Here’s what you’ll see when you click this link

lab testing

Here’s the tests I suggest

(just search for them here using the search bar, or alphabetically…it wouldn’t let me link them directly)

  1. Anti-Aging Panel (Male or Female)
  2. Homocysteine
  3. C-Reactive Protein (CRP)
  4. Vitamin D
  5. Magnesium

Numbers 2-5 are optional, but HIGHLY recommended. And if you really want to go deep, and have the time and money, you could get a complete vitamin panel and mineral panel done as well.

(For those using another lab service, the Anti-Aging Panel is a lipid panel, basic metabolic panel, hepatic function panel, hormone panel, and complete blood count.)

I also recommend you buy a copy of Your Blood Never Lies as a reference book. It’s extremely informative and useful and covers exactly what tests to get, and what they all mean.

So that’s it for now. I wanted to keep it short, sweet, and actionable. But of course if you have any questions, please shoot me a message/email.

Do you have 30 minutes? You could have your complete blood results IN 48 HOURS FROM NOW.

Other services that allow you to get your blood tested DIRECTLY through the lab: