001: 4 Pillars of Health, the Mover’s Conundrum, Building Your Own Movement Practice, AND MORE

MS 001 artIn the first episode of Move Smart Podcast, Justin Goodhart and co-host Sean Mapoles talk about their vision and purpose for the podcast.

Then they dive right in and talk about:
– Their influences and mentors
– The “mover’s conundrum” – figuring out what to practice and what to ignore
– Why learning to IGNORE information is essential to success in training and life
– What their movement practices look like
– Sean’s 4 pillars of health
– Movement as prehab, rehab, healing
– Justin’s existential training crises, and fitting together all the pieces
– Movement sessions as a work of art
– Building your own movement practice
– Areas where people needing the most help
– Movement as the must fundamental form of freedom

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