Movement is Freedom (A Powerful Framework for Better Movement)

movement is freedom

[Total read time: 1-2 minutes]

So you want to move well? You want to reap the massive epigenetic benefits of movement? These include, but are not limited to:

  • Looking better
  • Feeling better
  • Moving better

[insert 10,000 scientific references, the collective anecdotal wisdom of humanity, and the wisdom of the body that cannot be put into words])

The trouble is, we’ve lost touch with our primal nature. We sit in a cage from 9-5, then go home and sit in a different cage.

Ever notice how if you cage an animal long enough they start to lose their spirit? This happens to animals in the zoo. Don’t think that won’t happen to you. Don’t be a zoo human.

Do you have a pet? Perhaps a dog or a cat?

Maybe you put them in a crate (aka cage) when you run an errand or go out for the day. You know HAPPY and RELIEVED they are when you finally get home and let them out? They radiate RAW happiness. All they want to do is MOVE and PLAY.

That’s the natural reaction to being set free from a cage. Because movement is freedom. 

So many of us have lost this. We’ve been caged so long that we lost our spirit.

[su_quote]If you imprison something EARLY enough, OFTEN enough, and LONG enough you can kill its spirit.[/su_quote]

Movement expresses and creates freedom.  That’s why it’s a human imperative. And a mammal imperative. And a plant imperative. And a LIFE imperative.

[su_box title=”My Movement Framework:” box_color=”#09D55D”]

  • Move frequently
  • Move with complexity
  • Move at end range of motion
  • Move against resistance

…every day.


If you strength train, you’ll only get partial benefit.
If you do endurance training, you’ll only get partial benefit.
If you only do simple movements you’ll only get partial benefit.
If you only do flexibility training you’ll only get partial benefit.

But add them all together? Suddenly, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts

Move and be free. 

– Justin

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