Movement Progress Report (January 2015)

progress report

On December 26th, 2014, I decided I needed something to hold me to a higher standard of accountability in my movement practice and training.

I needed to ACT on my motto to “Train like a scientist, move like an artist.”

So I committed to a month of focused training and movement. My goal was not to measure everything but a couple of my most important markers of progress. I quantified my current levels of strength and mobility and retested 33 days later, and these are the results.

ring dips


middle splits

front splits

forehead to toe

bouldering progress


↠ Gained 17% strength in my weighted ring dip
↠ Gained 11% strength in my one arm chin progression

↠ Front splits: L gained 2” right: gained 2”
↠ Middle splits: Gained 2.5 inches
↠ Forehead to toe: L: gained 1.75 inches R: gained 1.25 inches

↠ Progressed from V5 to V7 in Bouldering


I was surprised by my strength increase in weighted ring dips, as I trained them comparatively little in this phase. Conversely, I felt like I should have gained more strength in my one arm chin progression, but I was training with 4-5 reps and should have done more work in the 2-3 rep range. I’ll focus on more intensity this month and I think I’ll see that I laid a solid foundation of work capacity last month.

When I retested my mobility, I felt like I wasn’t completely recovered from my previous mobility session so I feel like my improvements there don’t reflect the full extent of my progress there. I felt like I was going into new, deeper ranges of motion every single week. It was amazing! I will say that my improvement numbers seem somewhat small but I was already starting with a solid foundation of mobility so the improvements come a bit slower.

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As for the bouldering, I actually climbed my first ever V7 on January 21st and my first every V6 two days later on January 23rd. I need to take the intensity down a notch this month, let me fingers recover, and improve my technique more. I earned the V6 and V7, but there’s still so much I need to work on for V4’s and V5’s.

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