Your Neurotransmitters Determine How You Should Train

neurotransmittersI came across this article recently that summarizes 5 main points that a student of Charles Poliquin learned in a recent seminar. To summarize: your neurotransmitters determine how you should train.

Neurotransmitter profile is the biggest factor in determining the athletes physiology, and consequently which type of training they will best respond to.

According to this article and the info Charles taught, there are three types of athletes: The first responds best to INTENSITY, the second responds best to VOLUME, and the third responds best to VARIETY.

There are the 3 types:

  1. Dopamine dominant – responds best to INTENSITY
  2. Acetyl-Choline dominant – responds best to VARIETY
  3. BALANCED neurotransmitter profile – responds best to VOLUME

Read the full article here:

5 Things I Learned At Charles Poliquin’s Advanced Program Design Seminar


But how is your neurotransmitter profile determined?!

Braverman Personality Type Assessment

It asks a comprehensive series of questions based on preferences, behavior, and lifestyle to determine your neurotransmitter profile and any deficiencies you may have. It also provides supplement recommendations on how fix neurotransmitter imbalances.

I took it yesterday and according to my results, I am primarily dopamine dominant and heavily deficient in GABA. Time to start tinkering!

Post your dominant nature and your #1 deficiency in the comments!

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