You’re Only As Young As Your Youngest Joint

youngest jointAncient Chinese cultures knew the importance of mobility.

They even had a proverb about it: “You are only as young as your spine.”

I’m going to take that even further and say, “you are only as YOUNG as your youngest joint.”

For example, if you have a big toe that can’t go into full flexion, you’re going to have a hell of a time even walking properly. 

As your physical capacities diminish – especially strength and mobility – you are robbed of your humanity. To some degree, this process is inevitable as we age, but so many people let their mobility and their FULL humanity slip away without even a thought or struggle. Death is the ultimate loss of mobility (and humanity), but while we’re alive we should live and move as fully as possible!

Imagine if you didn’t have the strength to pick up a child. Imagine if you couldn’t pick up litter off the ground. (I actually saw someone the other day who dropped a magazine and had to have her daughter pick it up for her) Imagine if you didn’t have the energy to share physical intimacy with someone. Imagine if you couldn’t go on a walk with a friend. 

As your physical possibilities narrow, your humanity narrows. Narrowed physical possibilities means narrowed possibilities as a HUMAN. They limit you as a friend, parent, a grandparent, a lover, or a fighter. They limit what you ARE and what you can BECOME.

One reason among many to MOVE (daily): Don’t be robbed of your humanity. 

I’ve been researching a new mobility game that is amazingly effective and fun – I hope to share it with you all soon.

Stay mobile, stay strong, stay young. 

– Justin