Rafe Kelley: Move Like A Human (Roughhouse and Play Outside) – Move Smart Podcast Episode 37

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In Episode 37 of the Move Smart Podcast, I chat with Rafe Kelley about how to move like a human…and MUCH more!

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Quick Reference Guide:

↠ Rafe’s early introduction to parkour
↠ Co-founding Parkour Visions and how Evolve Move Play was born
↠ Why outdoor training is so valuable (and can’t be replicated indoors)
↠ Developing your “vision” for outdoor movement environments
↠ Environmental complexity versus movement complexity
↠ Why handstands don’t make you a good “mover”
↠ The opportunity cost of your movement choices
↠ Movement “aliveness” – energy, timing, and rhythm
↠ The importance of roughhousing and positive outlets for aggression
↠ The fetishizing of popular movements

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