Smart Legs (Footbag and Plyometrics)

Footbag. A potent cocktail of agility, rhythm, coordination, timing, sequence, and conditioning. It requires highly developed reflexes, body awareness, object awareness, and has unlimited improvisation potential at the highest levels.

Footbag is a fragile dance that can be disrupted at any moment by the slightest misstep or error. What I’m demonstrating in this video is neither particularly advanced, or particularly simple.

Eye-hand coordination? Common. (Don’t get me wrong, it’s still valuable and necessary.)

Eye-foot coordination? Much less common. It’s harder to develop because the signals from the brain have to travel further and most people have a very poor mental map of their legs and feet through lack of use.

Yet, your feet and legs are your primary point of contact with the earth. They are your main form of locomotion. You walk every day. And you will pay a price for dumb legs…the black swan will come.

From my years of intermittently playing footbag, I have a highly developed reflexes in my feet/legs. I RARELY trip, stub a toe, drop something on my foot, or otherwise damage or injure my feet (knock on wood).

Want to build smart legs? Play footbag.

I’ll cover plyometrics tomorrow, and why they’re ESSENTIAL to the wellrounded athlete. Hint: they build unrivaled tendon strength and elasticity in the legs, but they should be approached intelligently and progressively (like anything.)