MTOD #10: Hand Care for Movers (Climbers, Gymnasts, Crossfitters, and Apes)


This month, Ido Portal is doing a hanging challenge (original blog post, facebook group). That means thousands of people all around the world will be hanging and brachiating for 7 minutes every day this month. Our shoulders are designed for climbing, hanging, and brachiation. We need it for shoulder health. But down the kinetic chain, our hands can give us trouble when we're … [Read more...]

MTOD #2: Hang or Brachiate Daily to Avoid Shoulder Impingement


"Science is about defining truths about nature through experiment or experience.” - Richard Feynman, nuclear physicist What you're about to learn is perhaps the most important information you've discovered to prevent and avoid shoulder impingement. This morning, for the first time in probably 10 years, my shoulder didn’t pop when I lifted it up toward the ceiling and … [Read more...]