023 w/ Kelly Starrett: The DIY Manual for Injury Prevention

MS 023

Memorable Quotes by Kelly: “All humans should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves” “Don’t be a modern human...you have to MOVE” “We are wired for MOVEMENT. The modern [human] brain is bootstrapped on top of the movement brain” “You’ve got to be responsible for all the tissues from your head to your feet.” "Unless It’s traumatic or pathological, it’s … [Read more...]

014 w/ Nate Miyaki: “Find what works in the real world”

MS 014

Nate Miyaki’s background Intermittent feasting vs intermittent fasting Aligning meal timing with biological rhythms Why meal timing is completely flexible for most people Mixing science and experience for optimal food choice Finding an eating pattern than works for you Why eating your biggest meal at the end of the day may be a smart choice Nutrition fundamentals … [Read more...]

[PODCAST] A Pro Acrobat Gives His Cheat Code for Jaw-Dropping Movement Flow

Lewie West podcast

If you're not familiar with Lewie West, WATCH THIS VIDEO FIRST. It will  blow your mind: http://bit.ly/Floor-gasm Lewie’s background and foundation His early obsession that led to his interest in circus A day in the life of circus school Lewie’s creative process “Cross-pollination” of movement skills Developing creative movement Meta-learning - learning how to … [Read more...]

012 w/ Ryan Hurst “Build strength with purpose”

MS 012

Why Ryan and his co-founders created GMB fitness The use of exploration and play in training The two biggest mistakes people when they start training Why masters focus on the basics Why your timeline for getting a new skill might be delusional Self-awareness and mind-body movement Refocusing your movement practice Training while injured Why you need a “play … [Read more...]