10 Ways to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home (Do You Have SBS?)


Ever heard of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), or Building Related Illness (BRI)? I hadn’t either until recently. The Environmental Protection Agency knows about it, and there’s a lot of scary research out there pointing to the detrimental effects of spending so much time in toxic buildings. They've even released a guide to help you improve indoor air quality. Did you know … [Read more...]

Ultraprevention (Part I): Myths of Modern Medicine


  Ultraprevention. This is one of the most thorough approaches to health and preventive medicine that I’ve ever read. It’s a beautiful combination of the best of modern medical research, sound nutrition, and critical lifestyle factors. - If you are looking to drastically improve your health but feel overwhelmed and have no idea where to start, this book is for … [Read more...]