“Justin’s passion for movement & wellness is ridiculously contagious. His ability to break concepts down into manageable chunks and then build them back up make learning so easy.”

– Galo Naranjo, Crossfit Coach and Founder at The Movement Culture

galo naranjo

“In the modern-day health industry, authenticity and integrity are rare in demonstration. As a coach and athlete, Justin Goodhart continues to provide inspiration for myself and the community around him to grow with humility, patience and respect.”

James Morse, Nutritionist and Assistant Director Fitness/Yoga Programs at El Mangrove

james morse

“Training with Justin has been an absolutely pleasure and an honor. With his intelligent, big-picture approach to movement and healthy living, Justin carries with him a wide range of skills and knowledge, while still maintaining a humble and ever inquisitive attitude towards his students and peers. Justin learns from everyone and everything in his life, which is reflected perfectly in his exemplary personal practice and coaching skills.”

– Austin Goodman, Gymnastics Instructor and Massage Therapist

austin goodman

“In a world of mindless, rote fitness coaching, Justin is cut from an entirely different cloth. His dedication to studying – more, to understanding – all aspects of movement and fitness and physicality deeply informs his training and coaching, and it shows. This is a thinking man, whose application of serious brain power to his craft is immediately evident, but also someone who cares deeply about helping people transform into better versions of themselves. I can say unequivocally that Justin is one of the very best trainers I’ve had the good fortune to work with, as well as being an all-around awesome guy.”

– Oz Osborn, Instructor at Awaken Adult Gymnastics

oz osborn

“My name is Conrad LaPorte. I am a personal trainer and a group fitness instructor. I had the privilege of training with Justin in a group and one on one for about six months intensively. Justin’s approach to movement as fun and as training is one of the most dedicated I have seen. He constantly challenged me in terms of strength and mobility. Training with Justin I noticed a renewed sense of fun and phenomenal strength gains.”

– Conrad Laporte

conrad laporte

“I have spent many hours training alongside Justin during our gymnastics teacher training. As a student of movement, he definitely practices what he preaches. I have seen the amount of time he takes to work on his own practice, improving his own movement, strength, and mobility. As a coach and teacher, Justin’s deep understanding of how the body works allows him to help others move toward their greatest physical and mental potential. Justin’s wide variety of backgrounds and experience truly have led him to be the very “wellrounded” athlete and coach that he strives for.”

Grace Rockwell, Nutritionist and Yoga, Cyle, and Barre Instructor

grace rockwell

“If you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Justin practicing his mobility skills, you will experience what can be described as a “well-rounded athlete”. Through my eyes, Justin’s movements are like a work of art in motion, a masterful compilation of strength, flexibility, fluidity, dynamism, precision, and grace. Justin has a unique ability to motivate and inspire people towards finding joy in their movements and appreciation for human capabilities and limitations.

He has a knack for guiding people to look with in themselves in order to recognize and understand the importance of having mind and body awareness while in motion and at rest. Justin’s wealth of knowledge, collection of insights, and dedication to his personal practice relating to his movement studies have influenced me to focus on becoming my own version of a well-rounded athlete.

Justin passionately believes that the purpose of becoming a well-rounded athlete is “to live longer and stronger, so you can pursue your higher purpose for the betterment of yourself and humankind.” I would have to agree. Aspiring to transform into a well-rounded athlete has prompted me to create goals that are centrally focused around the ideas of improving my overall health and wellness, and practicing mindfulness at all times. The challenge of my own movement studies process has ignited a deeper sense of empowerment and added spice to my life. Perhaps you would like to try it out too. :)

– Ann Edelman, Student at Denver School of Nursing, Yoga and movement enthusiast

ann edelman

“Having trained with Justin for an extended time period I have found a couple things: he is extremely knowledgable and very strong! Justin incorporates a huge variety of movements and practices which is crucial in terms of gaining results. His disciplined and pragmatic approach makes him an awesome resource to any fitness minded person.”

– Travis Daugherty, Adult Gymnastics Instructor, yogi, and climbing enthusiast

travis daughtery

“I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to take Justin’s gymnastics and shoulder prehab classes. His approach to movement is unique, innovative, and fun. In addition to getting a good workout, I know that when I go to Justin’s class, I’m also going to learn new techniques to achieve skills that have eluded me in previous weeks, gain a better understanding of shoulder mobility to strengthen and stabilize my handstand, and have a great time.

Justin’s passion for his craft is evident as he spends considerable time reading, writing, and conversing with others about movement. His dedication to learning all that he can about physical fitness, the mind-body connection, and general wellness is inspiring and it results in an added benefit for his students.

I encourage anyone who wants to improve their physical health, strengthen their mind, boost their energy, and improve their general wellness to sign up for one of Justin’s workshops today. Satisfaction is guaranteed!”

– Katie Little, Student

katie little