Some updates!


LOTS of exciting stuff has been happening lately:

First, I’ll be releasing a bonus podcast episode tomorrow (7/24) with professional climber Sierra Blair-Coyle. It’s a shorter episode, but you’ll get some insight into the lifestyle, mindset and training habits of a young pro climber.

Second, if you filled out the feedback form for the podcast, I am extremely grateful! (By the way, if you fill it out, you’ll get instant access to my list of the Top 10 Books for Personal Development)

Here’s some common themes I noticed from the feedback so far:

What people like:

  • The guest selection
  • The movement focus
  • The types of questions and topics we cover

What people want changed:

  1. Ditch the stock intro for something unique and interesting each time
  2. Get announcements out of the way at the beginning
  3. More practical and actionable tips
  4. Quite a few people want an even longer podcast. This likely won’t happen, as I don’t feel like I can ask for more than 60 minutes of the interviewee’s time. On the other hand, 2 episodes per week might  be doable at some point in the future.

I just want to let you all know that I’ve heard you and changes are in the works! In fact, the episode tomorrow will have some new features and a unique intro – I think you’ll enjoy it!

Third, here’s the podcasts I’ve already recorded that you can look forward to hearing in the coming weeks:
Carl Paoli – founder of GymnasticsWOD and Naka Athletics (this was such a great episode!)
Steve Maxwell – founder of Maxwell Strength & Conditioning
Nate Miyaki – author of The Samurai Diet
Ryan Hurst – co-founder of GMB Fitness

Upcoming people that have agreed to come on the show:
Daniel Coyle – NYT bestselling author of The Talent Code
Darryl Edwards – creator of the Fitness Explorer
Lewie West – circus performer, and AMAZING mover (watch this video…mind = blown)
Katy Bowman – creator of Aligned and Well, author of Move your DNA
Yuval Ayalon – professional handbalancer. Performed in cirque du soleil for many years.

I’m still working on scheduling with them and I can’t guarantee 100% they’ll all come on (things change), but as of this writing, they’ve all agreed to come on the show. Some won’t be until September, others will be in the next couple weeks.


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